Sep 6, 2011

Edguy's "Age of the Joker".

I've been waiting for this album for a while. I discovered Edguy when I saw them live as Iron Maiden's supporting band in the awesome concert that they gave in Valencia last year. I immediately loved them, they were the best supporting band that I've seen so far in my whole life. 

Well, I've been listening to their albums since then. They have really (REALLY) good stuff, and the talent of these guys from Fulda is unquestioned. Also, their frontman Tobias Sammet, is the leader of a parallel project called Avantasia, if you want to try it as well. They are coming to Madrid next month and it's been more than two months since I got the ticket to see them. I like them that much. 

However, after having listened to Age of the Joker a couple of times, I don't really think that it's as good as their previous work. It's still good and fun to listen to, but I was expecting more from the band this time. I'll give it another chance, though, maybe it's one of those albums which take a while to get a grasp of. 

Here's a sample of it, I like this song more than I liked the single Robin Hood in spite of how funny were the video and the promo pictures. Enjoy!

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