Sep 1, 2011

Dream Theater talk about "The Spirit Carries On" documentary.

As you probably know if you are into Dream Theater, the band is about to release their last album, A Dramatic Turn of Events. There are going to be up to three editions of this record, at least one of them including a DVD with the documentary titled The Spirit Carries On

This documentary is the way in which the band present the castings that they did after the mysterious departure of Mike Portnoy in order to find a new drummer for the band. The task was not easy, as we are talking about the guys who are, most likely, the most gifted and talented musicians in the world. The Spirit Carries On was pre-released some months ago and can be seen since then on Youtube in high quality. It's a blast to watch, I've seen it several times already and you can't get tired of it. If you are into progressive metal or simply metal or rock itself, give it a try. If you are already a DT fan, you'll love it. Also, Mike Mangini, the drummer that was finally chosen, is a monster. As someone said in the queue to see them live in Leeds last July, he's not even a drummer. He's a genious. That was a huge concert, by the way, and I also had the chance to get all of their signatures on my ticket as well as their pictures with me. They are really nice guys as well. Awesome experience, definitely.

Well, anyway, either if you have seen the documentary or are about to, here you have an inside look on why the band chose that way to announce their new drummer, Mike Mangini. It's short but definitely interesting. 

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