Sep 13, 2011

David Coulthard against Gran Turismo 5 in PS3.

David Coulthard, the Scottish Formula 1 racing driver, has been the main star in a kind of event unlike anything that I've ever heard of before. 

What's that been? Well, remember our beloved British motor show Top Gear? Its test track has been the main stage of a race between David Coulthard and a bunch of the fastest drivers in Britain. What was the peculiarity then? It was that Coulthard was the only one who was driving a real car. 

Yes, you've read right. The Mercedes that the Scottish driver was driving was quite real, but the rest of the drivers were at the wheel of a virtual car, the same one that Coulthard had and they raced in the same track in which he was, the Top Gear test track. Only, it was the virtual track in Gran Turismo 5, which should be by far the most realistic game ever made.

Well, enough chatter. Do you want to see what happened? Just take a look at the video. I just miss Clarkson, May and Hammond in it. 

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