Aug 16, 2011

A Dance with Dragons, by George R.R. Martin.

It's already been over a month since A Dance with Dragons (careful, spoilers in this link), the last volume so far of the saga A Song of Ice and Fire came out.
As many people have, I've been waiting for this book for ages. I literally devoured the other volumes and was so looking forward to grab this last one.

As I have the other books on paperback I wanted this volume in the same format and I had decided to wait for it -becoming blind and deaf to the swarm of spoilers that are already all over the Internet for a while. 
However, I just found out that books normally take one whole year to appear in paperback format and this one will be no exception. Well, that is waaaaaay too much for me, of course. 
I will buy the book when it is released in the format that I want it in, however I didn't want to also have a hardback sitting on my shelf -that would be quite ridiculous. So, I've been deciding what to do. 

Of course I could download it, as these days there are multiple ways to get one of these digital copies, either legally or not so much. As the legal offer of e-books in Spain (where I live) is practically non-existent, one can pretty much see to find books in Spanish in a different and quite easier way. I want this one in English, of course, and I haven't searched for an e-book version just because I'm not quite fond on reading on a computer screen and e-book readers are ridiculously expensive for the limited posibilities that they offer. Also, I read that they sometimes are a pain to get the specific formats that work with the one you have.

Well, the easiest way of all: borrow it from a good friend till it comes out in paperback and I can add it to my collection. That's just what I've done, ha! I'm a hundred and something pages into it and the story is as good as it ever was, this book grasps you!

Have you not read anything about this saga? You can start with A Game of Thrones, you won't regret it. Trust me.

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