Mar 11, 2011

Discovery's final flight.

On last February 24 the space shuttle Discovery made its final flight into space for a mission that was to last 11 days. I could follow its final launch live at NASA TV and it was something pretty cool to watch.

These are some pictures of the shuttle taken recently. The first ones belong to last year's mission and the rest of them belong to its final mission, from the moment we are introduced to its crew to the final ones depicting the actual launch. 

September 9th 2010.

April 17th 2010. Below, an island 150 miles off the coast of Nicaragua can be seen.

April 20th 2010.

Final mission crew members.

The shuttle is secured to a large metal sling for its lift into the bay where it will be attached to its external fuel tank and solid rocket boosters.

The metal sling lifts the shuttle into High Bay 3 to be attached to the fuel tank and rocket boosters.

Final deployment.

Launch Pad 39A.

Lift off at 4:53 p.m. EST.

More info on the pictures can be found here.

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