Feb 3, 2011

More on American cheap building.

We have seen it before. Seriously chaps... you know that you live in a country where extreme weather conditions happen every now and then. Don't you think you could spend a little more on those commercial buildings you have all over the country? Or at least not buy prefabricated ones? 

News like this are really weird for someone like me (I guess people in Europe in general) who has buildings still standing in his hometown which date from the 11th century. Well, this is what just happened in a commercial buiding in Easton, Massachusetts, during the snowstorm that made our last story in this blog. It has been pouring snow on most of the United States during these last few days and this building couldn't bear the extra weight. No hard feelings though, just saying! :-)

Happily, the news is that there were no important consequences during the collapse. All the employees could go out after hearing a cracking sound. This raw video from the scene was taken by NECN, which was there at the time:

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