Feb 6, 2011

Imaginative protest against library closures in Sheffield.

The planned cuts in funding for public libraries are taking more and more people in England to protest against the closures of a big number of libraries. Some days ago we talked about an initiative that started in Somerset and spread country-wide, and now we learn about this imaginative protest in Sheffield's Central Library that happened yesterday. 

This protest consisted actually of a Shhhhhh event that took place as a part of the Save our Libraries Day protests that happened up and down the UK, in which at least 80 similar events happened including this mass Shhh-in in Sheffield, a release of 26 balloons at Sydenham library, each one of them bearing a letter of the alphabet or the band of flying authors that will spend the day racing between every one of Gloucestershire county's 43 libraries. 

The rules of this Shhh-In were… 
1. Finger to lips. 
2. At 11am say Shhhhh! 
3. Finish off with three cheers for the library! 
4. Finally borrow lots of books – lets empty those shelves. You’re allowed up to 15 out on your library card, so bring a big bag!

You can listen to this short interview to a UNISON representative and the Shhhhh here. And here you have some more pictures of the protest. Click on them for a better resolution:

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