Feb 4, 2011

Battlestar Galactica series Bible.

It's been a while since the awesome Battlestar Galactica series ended. However, after the Caprica spin-off and the forthcoming Blood & Chrome series, many of us still would like to see more about it and feel that the Galactica universe could be expanded much further.

For my taste, Caprica wasn't any good at all. It lost the Battlestar Galactica feeling and everything looked like a futuristic Earth when it shouldn't look like that at all. It failed because of that. Maybe Blood & Chrome will return to the original thing, maybe with a vintage look, as the action is set at the first Cylon war, following the life of young William Adama, to whom we have already seen a little bit in Galactica's webisodes.

Well, now something "new" has come to light. Ron Moore's original series bible is online, and it's full of info that only the series' creator had so far and we couldn't see on the screen. This includes information about the Cylon society, possible alien life forms that the crew could have encountered and backstories of the show's major characters that can help to understand them better, as well as getting a different insight on the events that happened on the arc-based storytelling. This bible is downloadable from here

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