Feb 11, 2011

Ads on Illinois license plates?

I think that the Americans' love for ads is going a step too far. License plates becoming miniature billboards? Could anyone have thought of that?

Well, they already have. Apparently, an Illinois lawmaker has proposed a change in legislation that would allow corporate-sponsored license plates available to motorists for discount prices.
Instead of paying the $99 that they are paying nowadays, motorists would get to pay $84 to allow corporations buy advertising space on their plates, although personally I'm not sure if dragging a Coke ad on your car forever is really worth that $15 difference.

European standard plate.
Also, something like this sounds really alien to us here in Europe, as the whole European Union has got its own standard license plate and they won't differ from one another except in tiny differences sometimes.

United States plate.
State Senator John Mulroe said: "This gives us a chance to raise revenue without raising taxes. We've got to think outside the box these days." As the Chicago Tribune says in the same article, Mulroe said the proposal is a "win-win situation for everyone" because it would cost the state nothing to make the corporate plates, cut fees for drivers and bring in much-needed revenue to a state looking for ways to shore up its finances.

I don't know what you think of this, but as we know how politics are from recent and not-so-recent events (specially in the States, where politicians don't even fake non-corruption), each time that a politician brings some topic such as this one up that involves private companies and their money, I would instantly throw the IRS on them and his whole family just in case. 

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