Jan 30, 2011

Classic Dream Theater radio interview from 1993.

Check out this radio interview to Dream Theater that was performed at WRZX-FM radio in Indianapolis, IN, July 6th 1993. 

As the video comment on Youtube very well says, this little gem features the whole band circa 1993 making an in-studio radio station appearence on WRZX in Indy. The band is interviewed by the hilarious DJ (who sounds like a stereotypical early 90's rock DJ) while they launch into spontaneous jams, musical jokes, and even a few full songs. The DJ uses a portable mic and goes around talking to the guys, while much laughing and jokes ensue. And they even played a Trooper cover.

The interview also clarifies a rumour that had been circulating about James LaBrie getting into a bar brawl, and he explains that in his own words: 

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