Jan 6, 2011

Car-towed guy skiing through New York.

Some days ago we were talking about the huge blizzard that hit New York before NYE and how the city was covered in snow, making life quite hard for the New Yorkers. 

Well, it seems that not everyone was having such a tough time. Some crazy people actually enjoyed the deserted, snow-loaded streets in the middle of the blizzard. This guy got his skis and a car, and had a lot of fun. He attached a rope to the car and zipped down Park Avenue at 40 mph. That may not seem too fast when you are in a car, but it must be quite exhilarating outside, in the middle of the storm, when you know that you or the car can crash at any time -even into people, as the guy almost did once. They were nice enough to make a video for us to see:

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