Jan 7, 2011

£2 coin with a spelling mistake goes unnoticed for five years.

The Royal Mint has just admitted that they have produced a £2 coin with a spelling mistake. That's ok, everybody makes mistakes... but this particular mistake was made five years ago when these coins were released. 

These £2 coins were made to mark the 400th anniversary of the Gunpowder Plot and have the words ‘Pemember the fifth of November’ engraved around the outer rim. 
Apparently, the mistake was noticed last June by a collector in Suffolk, Albi Pinnion, after he was given a £2 in change at his local pub. Even though the coin was produced in 2005 nobody had seen the mistake yet, and even though he e-mailed and wrote letters to the Royal Mint, they didn't want to acknowledge the mistake for some reason. Since then, he has gathered up to 20 of these coins. 

There are some of these coins being auctioned at eBay, and it seems that this coin hasn't been the only one discovered with a mistake and also being auctioned. In 2008 there was a batch of undated 20p appeared in circulation in the UK, some of which were sold for thousands of pounds each on internet auction sites, and as Mr. Pinnion said, "They offered £50 for every 20 pence piece returned to them so you can see why they don’t want to admit mistakes. If they were all returned it could have cost them 10 million pounds."

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