Dec 3, 2010

Gene Simmons Family Jewels.

I had heard about this TV show before, but just some mentions about it that didn't really call my attention. As far as I know there is no TV station that broadcasts Gene Simmons Family Jewels over here in Spain so I didn't know much about it. Well, now I know. And it's bad. 

I've never been a Kiss fan anyway. I find their music too soft and my brain isn't ever able to make a connection between their looks (which are awesome) and those girlie ballads. I know that they are really successful but I can't really understand why, they should be playing some real heavy metal in my view. But what the hell, that's my opinion and I respect it if you like them. However, I find their leader and bassist Gene Simmons a peculiar guy, one of those "rock legends" whom true rock legends make fun of (jump to minute 2:45). And he has actually copied a format that Ozzy Osbourne made popular: bring a lot of cameras into a rock/metal star that's famous for being eccentric, follow him and his family everywhere and make a show out of it while embarrasing his family, fans and friends forever. You know man, I can't really picture Steve Harris, John Petrucci or even James Hetfield doing something like this. Although I'm curious as to how the houses of guys like these look like.

Apparently, The Osbournes caught someone's eye and they decided that such a show with Gene Simmons in it would also be a success. Well, it looks that they were right because there are already several seasons of it, and it's selling on DVD as well. This is what this show looks like. Do you already feel embarrased? Because I do:

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