Nov 4, 2010

Kevin Smith talking about "Superman Lives".

In case you didn't know, there was a time when a different movie about Superman was being planned. The project was called Superman Lives, and it began development around 1994 in order to be released in theatres in 1998.

The project itself sounds a bit crazy nowadays. As you can see in the picture, there isn't much that reminds us of the classic Superman other than the red cape and the shape of the logo somehow... 
However, there is much more. The project was to be led by director Tim Burton, who pictured Superman pretty much like the one in the artwork for the movie in the picture here. And, can you guess who was going to star in the film as Superman? Nicolas Cage himself. Yeah. True. Can you picture him as "the Supes"? It's not an easy endeavour, I know. However, there's proof: in the Facebook page of Steve Johnson, who was responsible for the make up and the special effects of the film, you can see a picture of a sculpture of Nic Cage wearing the suit that was created for the movie. 

Anyway, the important thing here is that the writer who was originally hired to write  the script for this movie was Kevin Smith. Yeah, that guy in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back or Clerks. I've always liked this guy, and I hadn't seen this video before. In it, he explains how everything happened and how he saw himself immersed in the project and how Tim Burton kicked him out because he wanted to have his own writer (even though Smith already had his script written). The video is a little long and some time has passed but it's still really worth it. It's hilarious!:

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