Nov 2, 2010

Iron Maiden on tour again in 66 Days!!

I just learned some minutes ago that Iron Maiden are starting the Final Frontier Tour over again in February 2011 after the break that they've had since their last concert in Valencia (Spain) last August. 

As their official web reports, they "will once again be boarding Ed Force One in February 2011 to fly 50,000 miles round the globe on their continuing mammoth Final Frontier World Tour, playing 29 shows and visiting 26 cities in thirteen countries across 5 continents with Bruce again in the pilot's seat". They will be starting the tour in Moscow's Olympic Stadium, and after that they will be heading to countries where Maiden has never set foot to play before.

In Bruce Dickinson's own words: "We were taken aback by the fantastic reaction from everyone to Ed Force One during the 2008/09 World Tour. As our fans all know from the "Flight 666" film, which documented the trials and tribulations we underwent in order to get the whole project literally off the ground, the end result was well worth all the effort and complex logistics we had to deal with! The band and crew enjoyed themselves so much travelling that way, it seemed only logical to set up this part of The Final Frontier tour in the same way so we could get to see as many fans as possible all over the World, only this time we're pushing the boundaries even further and going to more places Maiden has never been before... in true Frontier style!! We very much look forward to playing in Singapore, Indonesia and South Korea for the first time, as well as revisiting our fans everywhere else.
The set list will be different to this year's tour. Of course we will play more songs from the new album and some other recent material, but we will include a healthy dose of older fan favourites as we will be playing to so many new faces who we know will want to hear those songs live for the first time. We will cram into the plane as much of the production we used this year as is physically possible, including of course Eddie, and intend to replicate the spectacular light show in as many places as we are able. All in all it promises to be a fantastic trip for everyone!! So see you all soon".

As the website says, Maiden will be undertaking a full European tour in the summer of 2011 of which only a few dates are known so far: those in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. We dearly hope that they come to Spain again so that we can have another blast like the one we had last summer, one that still puts a smile in our faces when we remember it. This is a little bit of what happened there for you to taste: 


Chandrima Roy said...

Oh wow! Wish they do an Asian Tour again and come to India! Wishful thinking!

Pablo L. said...

I´ll support that :-)

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