Oct 31, 2010

Political Activism from the Future in the U.S.A.

Olivia Wilde, an actress best known for her role in the TV series House has appeared in a political campaign launched by Moveon.org that criticises the conservative Tea Party movement that has been apparently gaining support and influence in the last months in the United States with Sarah Palin as its symbolic leader. Wilde's contribution in this campaign is aimed at preventing the Republican Party to gain power in the next November 2 elections.

In this campaign, which is original at the very least, Wilde pretends to be speaking from the year 2057 to warn the voters of 2010 about the negative consequences for the country and for the whole world (privatization, war, elimination of education funding, environmental destruction...) that would have the Republican Party reaching power in the Congress and in the Senate. She asks the democrats to vote in order to prevent the Republicans from eliminating social rights and stopping Palin from succeeding in her search of political power because, according to her, the most terrifying words of the English language are: "President Palin".

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