Oct 17, 2010

Jordan Rudess "Explorations" Uncovered

This is an interesting video that Dream Theater's keyboard player Jordan Rudess has just shared on Twitter about his current work on his own composition Explorations for Keyboard and Orchestra, in a performance that is going to take place on Nov 19th in Venezuela. Explorations is Rudess’ first composition for orchestra and fulfills a dream that began at the renown Juilliard School of Music. In Jordan's own words:

I once had the opportunity at Juilliard to watch Pierre Boulez conduct Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring. The passion in the composition, combined with the power of the full orchestral sound, made a huge impact on me. I’ve sat in front of my synthesizers for years, twisting the knobs, trying to recreate that power.
With Explorations, I will finally be able to hear one of my own compositions brought to life by that unmistakable sound of a live acoustic orchestra.
Explorations is a total “progressive” music experience. “Progressive” in that it is a forward thinking composition fusing my classical and progressive/metal sensibilities, but also progressive in that I will be playing a keyboard connected to an Apple Macbook Pro running MainStage software . In writing this composition, I was able to bring together the elements of the most influential classical music I’ve experienced, along with the rock power and intensity that I am known for in my work with Dream Theater. 



Chandrima Roy said...

Great video! Just dropped into your blog quite randomly, but found very interesting posts! Would like to follow your blog...


Pablo L. said...

Thank you very much!! I do appreciate your words, it´s always nice for bloggers to learn that someone out there reads and actually likes what we write.


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