Oct 30, 2010

A Brief History of the School Bus in the United States

Ever wondered what's the deal about those typical United States yellow school buses that we can frequently see on TV and movies? 

Here's an educational video on this matter that answers some of the questions that we might have asked to ourselves sometimes. This video was originally shown on learningmatters.tv, and it answers questions like "why are school buses yellow?", "how many miles to the gallon does the average school bus get?" or "how many miles does the average school bus travel?"

This video was made in 1992, when John Merrow, an education correspondent for PBS' NewsHour, immersed himself with school bus riders and drivers. Around that time, Houston's school buses got a whopping seven miles to the gallon and traveled over 15 million miles each year —and today, it's not much better.
Most school districts still rely on this outdated and resource-zapping mode of transportation, with the age of a school bus in the Los Angeles Unified School District averaging 17 years and still still lacking basic things like seat belts. Meanwhile, a school district in Arizona recently equipped its fleet with Wi-Fi.

Do you know of any other schools or cities over in the US also being innovative in any way involving student transport?


rock witch said...

These buses have not changed much from the earliest to the current ones!!

Still I prefer my particular way of transport! :D

Pablo L. said...

No, they haven´t! And they haven´t got much leg room, let me tell ya! (at least for an adult) :p

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