Jul 24, 2010

Iron Maiden’s Final Show Of 2010

If you consider yourself a fan of one of the biggest - if not the biggest - heavy metal band of the planet you must now that the British formation are about to start the final and European leg of their Final Frontier tour, starting next July 30th in Dublin, Ireland, with the support of a band called Sweet Savage, according to the official tour dates in their website (www.ironmaiden.com).
The question is: have you seen them yet? Or... are you planning to see them in this tour?

Dream Theater
Here in Spain we are so looking forward to seeing them live in Valencia next August 21st, in which is going to be the final show of this tour, and we are expecting it to be awesome!!! A band called Edguy will open for them on that night. It´s likely that most of the Maiden European fans have dreamed to be in the US during the first leg of the tour, as the band who opened all their shows there was DREAM THEATER. It must have been a dream come true for all Maiden and DT fans in the States to see them perform live on the same venue, probably a "Once in a livetime" event. The fact that the most important progressive metal band opens for Iron Maiden reflects the love and respect that they have for them, as well as their friendship. Dream Theater has been showing the admiration that they have for Steve Harris' band for years, for example in their bootleg of Maiden's The Number of the Beast or their covers such as To Tame a Land, the one appearing in the special edition of the ir last album Black Clouds and Silver Linings. As Mike Portnoy (DT drummer) pointed out recently, his group would not consider opening a live concert but for just a few bands still performing nowadays. Iron Maiden is one of them.

And turning back to Maiden, do you know them well? They happen to have been on the stage since their formation in 1975, which makes them not less than living legends. Which band can stay alive for so much time and treasure such a legion of fans as huge as Maiden have got? One of the most amazing things about them is the composition of their audiences, which ranges from teenagers to people who have been their fans since their beginnings. So what´s so special about their music that they don´t need a specific target audience like commercial music does?
Iron Maiden performing The Trooper live.
The energy of Maiden's music on and off the stage is something worth to be taking into account. The high-spirited mood that they pass on to those listening to them is, as my fanboy's point of view, one of the pillars of their success. Then, the combination of virtuous guitarists Dave Murray, Janick Gers and Adrian Smith, Nicko McBrain's drums and Steve Harris' magnificent skills with his bass guitar are the best possible contribution to Bruce Dickinson's unique voice and presence on the stage.

The word is that Maiden are performing their newest songs in this tour, as opposed to previous Somewhere Back in Time tour (that of the amazing Flight 666) where they only played their classic pieces. Although the material that we fans traditionally love the most is that coming from the 80's - 90's, we will only listen to some of those songs in the concert's encores. However, although some critical voices have raised against those albums coming from Bruce Dicinson's return from 2000 onwards, Brave New World, Dance of Death and A Matter of Life and Death cointain some material really worth to be taken a look into very carefully. The songs begin to be more complex in terms of lyrics and music and although they might not be those straight-to-the-heart songs that we were used to during the period previous to Blaze Bailey, the musical complexity is Maiden's response to the more mature music that they wanted to make. Bands evolve and Maiden's evolution is really good and welcome, from my point of view. If you love music, you cannot expect your favourite bands to make the same stuff for 30 years because you would get bored of them really soon.
If, for example, you like Dream Theater you can understand what I´m saying. DT have been musically evolving so fast that when listening to new albums for the first time it´s really difficult to catch up before you listen to the CDs carefully for some times. It´s virtuous music to enjoy and reflects how the band likes what they do and how they love music and to search for everything that they want to express through it.

If you have attended one or more of Maiden's gigs of The Final Frontier tour... HOW WAS IT???
And if you are going to be in Valencia for the last one... I´m seeing you there!!!

\m/ UP THE IRONS!! \m/

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